Dad’s need a little coddling too!

Take turns test-driving an MG convertible car with the sunroof down!
MG Convertible Image: Free Digital Photos

Last month was Skin Cancer Awareness month & we posted an article about a young woman with melanoma skin cancer. You can read the article here:  Which brings us to this month…

This month, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st. So do something thoughtful & caring for your dad & his health. Let dad know that skin cancer is incredibly common, & the rates of the deadliest form, melanoma, are rising. Men are more likely than women to be diagnosed with melanoma & much more likely to die of it. So what point am I trying to make? The point is that men need to do more to protect themselves from the sun; they should educate themselves about proper sun protection.

Here’s an idea for a gift, even if it’s not on his ‘Wish List’. When dad is work, work, working – be it on the deck, tending to his garden, or sipping on a cool drink, show him that you care by giving him a sun care product that has a no- to low- cancer causing hazard from Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database

Dad’s need a little coddling too so take him on a family picnic or take turns test-driving a car with the sunroof down! Either way, just enjoy his company.

Happy Father’s Day!