Is there a connection between spirituality and cancer?

This has perhaps been the question of many who have suffered from the disease, or who have watched loved ones suffer. With on-going treatment for cancer being exorbitant, many are finding other ways to heal from cancer – through Faith in God. But is there a connection?

The short answer is yes! Recent studies show that patients who are more religious, tend to have fewer physical symptoms. They also respond to treatment better and recover faster.

Hands folded on bible
Hands folded on bible

Research Leader from the Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida, Heather Jim explained that the cancer patients with a positive spiritual awareness have better health, as opposed to those who had anger towards God. She also observed that religious patients were naturally less inclined to smoke or drink.

Furthermore, she mentioned that spiritual people tended to be more physically affectionate, and that this had a marked effect on their responsiveness to treatment and overall health. Those with spiritual distress tended to be more depressed and did not consistently adhere to medical recommendations.

Read this article for yourself and then tell me what you think. Is there a connection?