Mindfulness, Meditation, and Kicking Cancer’s Butt


We have all heard that “Mind Over Matter” is a great phrase to remember while getting through tough times. Well these days, that theory is based in scientific fact. In 2014, Canadian researchers published a study that documented the overall benefits of using meditation in Cancer treatment. Those who used the practice had higher levels of telomeres than those who did not.

Telomeres are protein caps at the end of our chromosomes. The shortening of these chromosomes correlates with an increased Cancer risk. Therefore, the more you have, the better. Those who did not participate in the meditation in the study had lowering numbers of Telomeres. Interesting, right?

The mind is a powerful thing, and that’s why in the most difficult battle of our life, you should learn to utilize it. You’re not only soothing your mentality and soul with meditation, but as we now know, you’re also healing your physical body. The body works best when it’s working with the mind. The more connected you feel to yourself and to your inner strength and peace, the more your body feels it.

Here are a few other benefits to practicing meditation:

  • Increased awareness, including self-awareness
  • Improvement in emotions
  • Improvement in focus
  • Improvement in relaxation
  • Improvement in anxiety
  • Improvement in relationships (with self and others)
  • Improvement in confidence
  • Improvement in pain management
  • Increase in meaning and peace in your life

At the end of the day, you have two options when dealing with this fight. You can let the fight overcome you, or you can put your foot down and say that you will try. Whether you are trying meditation, trying positive affirmations, or simply trying to think positively, you are trying. With trying, you have already won.

If you or someone that you love is interested in giving meditation a try, here are several online links where you can listen along:

Cancer Healing Visualization/Guided Meditation

Healing Cancer Guided Meditation

Cancer Wellness Meditation

A few others can be found at:


Thank you for reading and please take a moment to check out our website at http://answersforangels.com/ to see how we help Cancer patients fight their battles. If you know anyone who needs help, please direct them to us. You’re not in this fight alone!

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Huge request for donations to AFA 5k


As you know, AFA is having a 5k race on July 23, 2016 to raise funds for cancer patients.  We provide a grant to them for $350 for their use in paying for Joggerintegrative/alternative treatments, or for them to pay a bill in their name.  Some patients, including patients using conventional methods, ask for a gift card for a massage or to a grocery store to purchase organic foods.

Answers for Angels tentatively scheduled an interview at the ‘AFA 5k’ with Tara Hill, a young 20-year old Chicago girl, who is using alternative methods to heal Ewing Sarcoma.  We wish her well and send her all the love and support she needs to heal.

For the 5k, we are looking for donations of 8oz. water bottles, organic protein bars or fruit and nut bars, or bananas and oranges for the estimated 200 participants in the ‘AFA 5k’ race.  In addition, we need volunteers;  and sponsorship opportunities are available by clicking on the AFA 5k Sponsor Form.

I will notify you when registration opens up.  In the meantime, please advise if I can schedule a pickup of your donation in the Chicago-land area or if you would like to volunteer.

Thank you and take care,

Katie Davis

Answers for Angels’ 5k chip-timed race

We are hosting our first ‘AFA 5k’ Jog and Walk chip-timed race on certification #IL-12104-JW on Saturday, Jul 23, 2016.  We hope that you can join us!Jogger

The race begins at 8:30am at McCarthy Park, 16801 S. 80th Avenue, Tinley Park, Illinois.  Registration is coming soon!  For more info about the race including the price, the course, photos, video and directions, please visit our Participate Page on our website.  You can start or join a team too!  Everyone is encouraged to fundraise and you are provided with customizable and shareable fundraising pages.  If you are interested, click for printable flyers and sponsorship forms to help spread awareness.

Answers for Angels tentatively scheduled an interview with a courageous young 20-year-old cancer patient, Tara Hill, who chose to use alternative methods in treating Ewing Sarcoma.  She is motivated to talk of her journey in using the hyperbaric oxygen tank, infrared sauna, and other methods to treating cancer and healing her body.

Help spread the word!

Thank you.

Katie Davis

#AFA5k  #AlternativeCancer

Drawing for 2 week stay at Northern Baja Gerson Center

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone suffering from cancer and Answers for Angels would like to support them.New Northern Baja Gerson Center

Northern Baja Gerson Center is giving back to the community.  In conjunction with the Grand Opening of their brand new facility, they have decided to offer a free 2-week stay for patients suffering with cancer or any other advanced, degenerative disease.  (Normally the cost is approximately $12,000 for a 2-week stay.)

This free 2-week stay, which includes a companion, will also include the entire Basic Gerson Therapy, IV Vitamin C, Chelation, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Far-Near infrared sauna, Frankincense and fresh Aloe Vera daily.  To learn more about this offer, simply click here http://www.gersontreatment.com/draw/ or email them at info@gersontreatment.com.  Tell them about your disease and why you think the Advanced Gerson Therapy will potentially cure you.  At the end of April, which is only 2 weeks away, they will hold a drawing for a lucky winner and announce it on their Facebook page and their website.

Answers for Angels would like to offer our $350 grant to any cancer patient who needs support.  We will pay a small bill in the patient’s name, i.e., credit card used for airfare if flying or gas if driving to Northern Baja Gerson Center.  Please see our Grant Application and Guidelines for more information.

If you know anyone suffering from cancer, please share this incredible opportunity with them by having them go to Northern Baja Gerson’s website www.gersontreatment.com.

Again – you can enroll in the drawing by sending them your name, email address and phone number, along with detailed description of your condition to: info@gersontreatment.com

NOTE: Participants filling out this form who do not have time to wait 2 weeks to see if they have won the drawing, Northern Baja encourages all patients to come to the clinic immediately upon diagnosis.  In the event that you come to their clinic and your name is drawn as the winner, you will be reimbursed the equivalent of a 2-week stay at their clinic.  It is imperative every patient receive treatment as soon as possible.

Good luck to all who participate!  Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Watch this cancer docuseries

You or someone you know who has cancer will benefit from watching this docuseries called the The Truth About Cancer, The Global Quest.  I watched it The Truth About Cancer - A Global Questthe first time a few months back, and was blown away with the information brought from around the world.  Its vision is that cancer does not have to be a death sentence and that there are ways of treating it using less toxic methods.

Ty Bollinger tours all over the world to interview 100+ doctors, scientists, researchers, and cancer survivors who are breaking their code of silence to reveal to you insights and solutions that you have never heard of before.

Just click on this link, The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest and enter your name and email address to watch it.   The first picture you see is a hyperbaric oxygen tank which is something that Tara Hill is using as part of her cancer treatment.  You may recall reading about her in our previous article a few weeks ago.  You can reread about her alternative treatment here.

The series starts next Tuesday, April 12th and runs for 9 days.  You will not want to miss the wealth of knowledge coming from these people.  Write down their names, research them, sign up for their emails and follow them.

Thanks Ty, for bringing us this information!


Have a Minute to Save a Life?

Tara Hill cancer came backThis young 20 year old from the Chicago-land area, is in the fight of her life. She is determined not to use the conventional methods of chemo and radiation to treat her cancer.
Her name is Tara Hill.  She is a sophomore honors student attending St. Xavier University in Chicago. Her education has always been important to her, but now her focus is on healing from cancer.
Tara has Ewing’s Sarcoma, which is a bone and soft tissue cancer. The surgeon she visited at a respectable Chicago hospital told Tara that the mass in her breast is benign; she chose to remove it. After surgery, Tara woke up to the alarming news that the tumor is cancerous and it is in her chest wall. The surgeon expressed to her that they removed the entire tumor; but after reviewing the surgical reports, it was confirmed that they did not.
Tara reasoned to cure herself without the help of conventional doctors by changing her diet to a completely raw, organic diet. After she began college, she ate as any college student does; she ate a lot of sugar and less veggies. Regrettably, 18 months later the cancer came back. It continued to grow quite large and measures to be 8-1/2″ x 6″. It is located in and around her right breast and chest wall. The recommendation of the doctors are to remove her breast, part of her chest wall and part of her lung, along with high doses of chemo and radiation. “Without these treatments”, they say, “You will surely die”.
“I knew for sure that I could not poison myself with the harsh drugs and devastating side effects from chemo and radiation[1]“, Tara says. “Because I saw many family members die horrible deaths due to conventional methods, I want to give myself a better chance at survival”.
Faced with this situation, what would you do? How much are you willing to do to save the life of your young daughter?
Tara and her family’s decision to do what is best for her survival comes at an extremely high cost. Her parents have taken out loans, emptied 401k plans, and any retirement and savings accounts. They are working around the clock at multiple jobs and still are not close to what Tara’s treatments cost.
The whole medical and financial situation is frightening to Tara. However, through faith, the power of natural treatments, and her supportive family, Tara is determined to use alternative methods and is willing to fight for her life before agreeing to chemo, radiation, and more surgery.
First on Tara’s list is to choose a natural doctor to assist her and her family and provide them with resources that empowers her to participate in this healing journey.

Continue reading Have a Minute to Save a Life?

A nonprofit grant that you will love!

At last, a nonprofit grant that you will l♥ve because it promotes the well-being of the cancer patient seeking alternative or integrative treatments!

A case in point is this summary of a phone call I received last week from a woman who has cancer. Briefly, this is what transpired from our 30-minute conversation. She consulted with a conventional doctor about the treatment plan he had for her which included surgery, chemo, and radiation. The woman did some research beforehand and knew enough to ask about the food that she should and should not eat and specifically if she should eat sugar. He said ‘eat whatever you want’. For her, this conversation confirmed, she did not want to use the conventional chemo and radiation treatment.
Soon afterwards and to her amazement, she saw Answers for Angels’ brochure at Energy Nutrition in Frankfort, which prompted the phone call! She was in seventh heaven because she did not know that 1) there are integrative cancer clinics in the Chicagoland area and b) Answers for Angels provide a grant that can help her pay for the consultation to an integrative doctor and for some of the prescribed supplements and treatments!

Moral of the story…know your cancer treatment options and know that we are here for YOU and because of YOU!

If you are a cancer patient or you know someone who is, then check out our grant opportunity from Answers for Angels. The grant program helps cancer patients visit integrative oncologists and complementary health practitioners that many health insurance policies do not cover. Answer for Angels’ grant is meant to promote physical, mental, and emotional health and to balance the mind, body, and spirit.

To apply for the grant, visit the Answers for Angels’ website at http://www.AnswersForAngels.com, and click on the Grant Application page.

Kind regards,

Katie Davis

Donations, please! We could use your support!

Our year-end campaign ‘Spotlight on our Giving Christmas Tree’ is ending soon but you still have a chance to help by donating before December 31st.

At Answers for Angels, we’re proud of the role we play in a cancer patient’s life. (View a testimonial from Vicki O. from Washington who has esophageal cancer and read how our role helped her.) Working together, we can help pay for a bill in a patient’s name to help makes ends meet; we can pay for supplements and shots which is not covered by insurance, etc.; all by supporting their choice of treatment, on their terms, with a less toxic method and an excellent quality of life with the love and support from you.

We hope you’ll consider making a special year-end gift today. Every gift matters, especially yours. Please consider donating just $5 to $10 as we work every day to assist cancer patients. You can make our goal of $350 happen by spreading our message to your family and friends now, before December 31st.  We only need $110 more.

For every $100 Answers for Angels receive,The spotlight is on the tree,Donate & We'll Decoratewith ornaments & candy!!
we’ll decorate a row of branches on the tree!
We know how deeply you care,
Because we are practically there!

Please make your tax-deductible gift today. The clock is ticking. Will you help?

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Help us reach our goal by spreading our message to family and friends.

Do you want to contribute to someone’s well-being and healing of his or her body from cancer? You can, by supporting our cause and donating just $10 – $15 to our year-end campaign ‘Spotlight on our Giving Christmas Tree’.  We’re so close to reaching our goal of $350.

We’re proud of the support we provide to cancer patients who are in urgent need of help with their finances. We received a grant application from a woman in a nearby suburb who is single, self-supportive, and with no caregiver to help her. She went through 4 cycles of chemo plus 6 weeks of radiation. With these additional bills and TRYING to get back to work, it’s putting a lot of stress on her. Unfortunately, she remains off work and she has exceeded family leave time off due to treatments, side effects, fatigue, etc. She has relied on family, friends, and church for support during this medical crisis. Her insurance has very high deductibles and she had to purchase many massages ordered by her doctor; massages are not covered by insurance.

Answers for Angels were there to help her with a gift certificate for a massage to alleviate the pain that she’s suffering due to the treatment that she’s receiving. We also helped her by providing a gift card to her local grocery store so that she will have food on her table. We can do much more for her, but we need your help. Every gift matters, especially yours.

We know that times are hard especially with the holidays upon us. However, need knows no holiday. Every day, there are still so many people that are being diagnosed with cancer, and we’ve made it our mission to help as many as we can before the year ends.

By supporting our cause and donating just $10 – $15 to our year-end campaign ‘Spotlight on our Giving Christmas Tree’, you’ll help patients manage their pain from treatment and help them put food on their table.

For every $100 Answers for Angels receive,The spotlight is on the tree,Donate & We'll Decoratewith ornaments & candy!!
we’ll decorate a row of branches on the tree!
We know how deeply you care,
Because we are practically there!

Please make your tax-deductible gift today! Your donation will allow us to help one more cancer patient.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,

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Spotlight on our Giving Christmas Tree has begun

Our year-end campaign ‘Spotlight on our Giving Christmas Tree’ has begun.
At Answers for Angels, we’re proud of the role we play in a cancer patient’s life.  (View Vicki O.’s testimonial from Washington with esophageal cancer to read how our role helped her.) Working together, we can help pay for a bill in their name to help make ends meet, we can pay for supplements and shots which is not covered by insurance, etc.; all by supporting their choice of treatment, on their terms, with a less toxic method and an excellent quality of life with the love and support from you.
For every $100 Answers for Angels receive,
we’ll decorate a row of branches on the tree!
We know how deeply you care,
Cause we’re more than halfway there!
 Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Kind regards,
Katie Davis, President