Have a Minute to Save a Life?

Tara Hill cancer came backThis young 20 year old from the Chicago-land area, is in the fight of her life. She is determined not to use the conventional methods of chemo and radiation to treat her cancer.
Her name is Tara Hill.  She is a sophomore honors student attending St. Xavier University in Chicago. Her education has always been important to her, but now her focus is on healing from cancer.
Tara has Ewing’s Sarcoma, which is a bone and soft tissue cancer. The surgeon she visited at a respectable Chicago hospital told Tara that the mass in her breast is benign; she chose to remove it. After surgery, Tara woke up to the alarming news that the tumor is cancerous and it is in her chest wall. The surgeon expressed to her that they removed the entire tumor; but after reviewing the surgical reports, it was confirmed that they did not.
Tara reasoned to cure herself without the help of conventional doctors by changing her diet to a completely raw, organic diet. After she began college, she ate as any college student does; she ate a lot of sugar and less veggies. Regrettably, 18 months later the cancer came back. It continued to grow quite large and measures to be 8-1/2″ x 6″. It is located in and around her right breast and chest wall. The recommendation of the doctors are to remove her breast, part of her chest wall and part of her lung, along with high doses of chemo and radiation. “Without these treatments”, they say, “You will surely die”.
“I knew for sure that I could not poison myself with the harsh drugs and devastating side effects from chemo and radiation[1]“, Tara says. “Because I saw many family members die horrible deaths due to conventional methods, I want to give myself a better chance at survival”.
Faced with this situation, what would you do? How much are you willing to do to save the life of your young daughter?
Tara and her family’s decision to do what is best for her survival comes at an extremely high cost. Her parents have taken out loans, emptied 401k plans, and any retirement and savings accounts. They are working around the clock at multiple jobs and still are not close to what Tara’s treatments cost.
The whole medical and financial situation is frightening to Tara. However, through faith, the power of natural treatments, and her supportive family, Tara is determined to use alternative methods and is willing to fight for her life before agreeing to chemo, radiation, and more surgery.
First on Tara’s list is to choose a natural doctor to assist her and her family and provide them with resources that empowers her to participate in this healing journey.

Tara’s Team and Alternative Treatment
To build up her team of natural doctors and with the help of her parents, Tara found a chiropractor in Romeoville who had cancer himself and, healed from it, who now is helping Tara build her team. She receives chiropractic adjustments[2] from him once or twice a week.

With the help of her chiropractor, she is following the Ketogenic diet[3] and is learning about an amazing place called Ayre Clinic for Contemporary Medicine in Burr Ridge, IL. Here is where she receives IV vitamin C [4], Ultra Violet blood cleaning, Insulin Potentiation Therapy, lymphatic massages, reflexology foot baths, and colonics. The remarkable team of doctors at the clinic are educating Tara about vitamin and mineral deficiency in her body, T3 thyroid hormonal deficiency and that her liver is not functioning, as it should. The liver deficiency makes it very difficult to detox the toxins out of her body and Tara states, “This is something the medical doctors I had, did not even address.”

After 3 weeks of taking the necessary supplements that Tara is deficient in, she says, “I have more energy and feel less moody”. (Visit Ayre Clinic for Contemporary Medicine for more info on services.)

 Another required treatment that Tara receives is the hyperbaric oxygen Tara Hill hyperbaric oxygen therapytreatment[5] atMidwest Hyperbaric and Wellness in Bolingbrook, IL.   (Visit Midwest Hyperbaric and Wellness for more info on services.)
After a few months using alternative methods and having a get-up-and-go attitude, it is exciting to hear Tara report that ‘the tumors are stabilized’!
Tara’s Necessary Treatment Plan
$1525 for Insulin Potentiation Therapy, 2 times a week
$300 for pkg. of 3 colonics & lymphatic massage, 2 times weekly
$250 a week for organic foods and supplements from natural doctor
$250 weekly for Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment
$188 weekly for PolyMVA supplements. (It contains minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. It seems to root out cancerous cells, while leaving normal cells unharmed. If anything, it appears to enable healthy cells to function better.)
$175 weekly for IV Vitamin C
$163 for one week of supplements from mail order
$45 for Infrared Sauna treatment x once or twice a week
Gym membership
Chiropractic adjustments, depends on insurance
$17,460 a month, approximately
Tara’s family is doing everything they possibly can to contribute to her well being. Answers for Angels are here to help with their financial matters as they continue to rise. We reached out to Tara and her family to offer assistance through our grant program. They chose a $350 gift card to Whole Foods because, “it is my go-to store for organics. A Ketogenic Diet is very expensive, but Whole Foods makes it easier for me to get the nutrients my body needs.”
Tara says, “I love that Answers for Angels want to share my story and help educate others about the nontoxic options that are available. That is what I want to advocate for when I’m older”. Tara speaks of, “sharing my story with the world. I will teach others about cancer and other options of treatment besides cutting, burning, and poisoning. I want to heal myself first, so those with cancer can see that they can do it too”.
Donations to Vital Treatment & More Information
Alternative or integrative cancer treatments are not covered by insurance; the cost is out of pocket. Even if you have health insurance, your plan may not cover some or all products or practices.[6] The treatment that Tara is using under the guidance of natural doctors is essential not only to stabilize the tumor, but also to eliminate or shrink it until it is no longer an issue. Keep in mind that alternative treatments do not have the devastating side effects that the conventional treatment has, which is at least 20, on one’s body in addition to damaging effects on the heart plus additional cancers.
Answers for Angels are asking you to consider donating anything you can to offset the $17,000 monthly cost. Tara’s parents ask that you bestow the best chance upon Tara at survival without the toxic side effects of chemo, radiation, and more surgery.
You can follow Tara’s treatment at http://www.OneTaraHill.com or donate at GiveForward.com/give-so-Tara-can-live.
To make a tax-deductible donation to Tara, donate to http://www.AnswersForAngels.com stating restrict funds to Tara Hill.
Meet Tara at Answers for Angels’ 5k
On July 23, 2016, Answers for Angels is hosting a certified, timed 5k run. Registration is approaching in the next week or so.  Check back at our ‘Participate’ page for more details.
Meet Tara after the race starts where she shares her story and helps to educate others about the nontoxic options that are available. She wants to heal herself first, so those with cancer can see that they can do it too!
Thank you.

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Our nonprofit offers a unique grant that promotes the physical, emotional & mental health of the cancer patient consulting with integrative/complementary oncologists while following conventional methods or who are seeking alternative cancer treatments that many health insurance policies don't cover.

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