A nonprofit grant that you will love!

At last, a nonprofit grant that you will l♥ve because it promotes the well-being of the cancer patient seeking alternative or integrative treatments!

A case in point is this summary of a phone call I received last week from a woman who has cancer. Briefly, this is what transpired from our 30-minute conversation. She consulted with a conventional doctor about the treatment plan he had for her which included surgery, chemo, and radiation. The woman did some research beforehand and knew enough to ask about the food that she should and should not eat and specifically if she should eat sugar. He said ‘eat whatever you want’. For her, this conversation confirmed, she did not want to use the conventional chemo and radiation treatment.
Soon afterwards and to her amazement, she saw Answers for Angels’ brochure at Energy Nutrition in Frankfort, which prompted the phone call! She was in seventh heaven because she did not know that 1) there are integrative cancer clinics in the Chicagoland area and b) Answers for Angels provide a grant that can help her pay for the consultation to an integrative doctor and for some of the prescribed supplements and treatments!

Moral of the story…know your cancer treatment options and know that we are here for YOU and because of YOU!

If you are a cancer patient or you know someone who is, then check out our grant opportunity from Answers for Angels. The grant program helps cancer patients visit integrative oncologists and complementary health practitioners that many health insurance policies do not cover. Answer for Angels’ grant is meant to promote physical, mental, and emotional health and to balance the mind, body, and spirit.

To apply for the grant, visit the Answers for Angels’ website at http://www.AnswersForAngels.com, and click on the Grant Application page.

Kind regards,

Katie Davis


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Our nonprofit offers a unique grant that promotes the physical, emotional & mental health of the cancer patient consulting with integrative/complementary oncologists while following conventional methods or who are seeking alternative cancer treatments that many health insurance policies don't cover.

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