Help us reach our goal by spreading our message to family and friends.

Do you want to contribute to someone’s well-being and healing of his or her body from cancer? You can, by supporting our cause and donating just $10 – $15 to our year-end campaign ‘Spotlight on our Giving Christmas Tree’.  We’re so close to reaching our goal of $350.

We’re proud of the support we provide to cancer patients who are in urgent need of help with their finances. We received a grant application from a woman in a nearby suburb who is single, self-supportive, and with no caregiver to help her. She went through 4 cycles of chemo plus 6 weeks of radiation. With these additional bills and TRYING to get back to work, it’s putting a lot of stress on her. Unfortunately, she remains off work and she has exceeded family leave time off due to treatments, side effects, fatigue, etc. She has relied on family, friends, and church for support during this medical crisis. Her insurance has very high deductibles and she had to purchase many massages ordered by her doctor; massages are not covered by insurance.

Answers for Angels were there to help her with a gift certificate for a massage to alleviate the pain that she’s suffering due to the treatment that she’s receiving. We also helped her by providing a gift card to her local grocery store so that she will have food on her table. We can do much more for her, but we need your help. Every gift matters, especially yours.

We know that times are hard especially with the holidays upon us. However, need knows no holiday. Every day, there are still so many people that are being diagnosed with cancer, and we’ve made it our mission to help as many as we can before the year ends.

By supporting our cause and donating just $10 – $15 to our year-end campaign ‘Spotlight on our Giving Christmas Tree’, you’ll help patients manage their pain from treatment and help them put food on their table.

For every $100 Answers for Angels receive,The spotlight is on the tree,Donate & We'll Decoratewith ornaments & candy!!
we’ll decorate a row of branches on the tree!
We know how deeply you care,
Because we are practically there!

Please make your tax-deductible gift today! Your donation will allow us to help one more cancer patient.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,

Katie Davis, President


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Our nonprofit offers a unique grant that promotes the physical, emotional & mental health of the cancer patient consulting with integrative/complementary oncologists while following conventional methods or who are seeking alternative cancer treatments that many health insurance policies don't cover.

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