Spotlight on our Giving Christmas Tree has begun

Our year-end campaign ‘Spotlight on our Giving Christmas Tree’ has begun.
At Answers for Angels, we’re proud of the role we play in a cancer patient’s life.  (View Vicki O.’s testimonial from Washington with esophageal cancer to read how our role helped her.) Working together, we can help pay for a bill in their name to help make ends meet, we can pay for supplements and shots which is not covered by insurance, etc.; all by supporting their choice of treatment, on their terms, with a less toxic method and an excellent quality of life with the love and support from you.
For every $100 Answers for Angels receive,
we’ll decorate a row of branches on the tree!
We know how deeply you care,
Cause we’re more than halfway there!
 Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Kind regards,
Katie Davis, President


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Our nonprofit offers a unique grant that promotes the physical, emotional & mental health of the cancer patient consulting with integrative/complementary oncologists while following conventional methods or who are seeking alternative cancer treatments that many health insurance policies don't cover.

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