Help grow our nonprofit! Volunteer to become our Event Planner!

event-planning-graphic-550pxAre you eager to find a volunteer job that matters and one that works with the well-being of cancer patients? Do you really enjoy planning events or do you throw great parties or meetings? Then consider being a volunteer event planner for our nonprofit!

Volunteer Event Planner Job Description

In our small and emerging nonprofit, the Event Planner is responsible for constructing the event plan; running and evaluation of the event; and for putting into operation the systems to support the function.

Reporting to and in collaboration with the President, the Event Planner will lead program efforts as Answers for Angels (AFA) continues to grow. The Event Planner position is for a 2-year period or until a replacement is chosen & meet the requirements.

• Personal commitment of 2 years’ time to put into operation a 5k Run or Bunco 4A Cause event and ‘pass the stick’ to next Event Planner or volunteer as appropriate
• Establish a budget, goals, and entrance price to event by working with Board
• Secure a site; date and time
• Develop a theme; arrange for tables and chairs as appropriate
• Order t-shirts and supplies as appropriate
• Write letter to foundations and sponsors seeking monetary support; write thank you letters too
• Compose similar letter to businesses asking for in-kind donations; raffle items; monetary donations; compose thank you letters also
• Create and maintain Excel spreadsheet for tracking of ALL donations from foundations, sponsors, businesses, individuals, etc.
• Hand monetary donations to treasurer/board member
• Recruit volunteer staff for event
• Send out invitations and manage RSVP list
• Sell tickets to event to family, friends, and community as appropriate
• Assist in writing to advertise event via eNewsletter, Facebook, press release, radio announcement, posters, etc. to support event goals and increase community awareness
• Coordinate and monitor event timelines
• Select and manage vendors for the event and other staff
• Coordinate talent, Hire band/DJ as appropriate
• Select a keynote speaker to increase awareness of cause as appropriate

• 2-plus years’ experience as a nonprofit Event Planner or experience as an administrative professional with budgeting and supervision experience
• Demonstrate excellence in organizational, managerial, and communication skills
• Knowledge of Excel
• Experience in marketing and public relations is also desirable in terms of effective program promotion
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Windows based computer application

Skills and Abilities
• Personnel supervision and budgeting are a plus as are keeping deadlines and budgets on track
• Must have strong and polished interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
• Creative, strategic, and analytical thinker with the ability to manage multiple projects
• Works well under pressure
• Must be highly organized and able to work well with others; good negotiations skills are needed to work out prices with contractors and vendors
• Event planning and implementation
• Deadline oriented with good attention to detail
• Flexible; possessing the ability to wear different “hats” on short notice from time to time by the board of directors
• Public relations, marketing and project management skills are also important

You will learn that there are more cancer treatment options beside the conventional treatment of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. You learn about the alternative and integrative approach to the well-being of cancer patients.

Application Process
Please submit your resume to with the subject Volunteer Event Planner Job Application. No calls please. If questions, please email. Thank you.



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Our nonprofit offers a unique grant that promotes the physical, emotional & mental health of the cancer patient consulting with integrative/complementary oncologists while following conventional methods or who are seeking alternative cancer treatments that many health insurance policies don't cover.

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